Attorney Patrick Tighe

Dedicated Personal Injury Attorney Fighting For The Compensation You Deserve

North Palm Beach personal injury attorney Patrick Tighe is passionate about getting his clients compensation for their injuries. He leverages his past experience as a senior claims adjustor for a national insurance carrier to negotiate settlements and when necessary, to fight insurance carriers in court.

Patrick Tighe selected as a member of the Nation’s Top One Percent by the National Association of Distinguished Counsel

Attorney Patrick J. Tighe

Experienced North Palm Beach Personal Injury Attorney.

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Meet Attorney Patrick Tighe

Working for the country’s largest insurance company for years before becoming an attorney, Patrick Tighe witnessed good people being kicked while they were down. He left the insurance side to fight claim denials on behalf of these good people.

Twenty years later, he continues to work on behalf of injured individuals whom the insurance companies only see as people standing in their way of profits.

X1Law, P.A. represents individuals throughout West Palm Beach, North Palm Beach and South Florida.

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Committed South Florida Attorney Advocating for Injured Clients

Patrick Tighe's son playing lacrosse
Patrick Tighe's son playing lacrosse

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