Fighting For
The Compensation You Deserve

Certain cases should be settled. Our attorney, Patrick Tighe, knows the difference between those and the ones that need to be taken to trial.

An Experienced Personal Injury Attorney In North Palm Beach

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Meet Attorney
Patrick Tighe

Working for the country’s largest insurance company for years before becoming an attorney, Patrick Tighe witnessed good people being kicked while they were down. He left the insurance side to fight claim denials on behalf of these good people. Twenty years later, he continues to work on behalf of injured individuals whom the insurance companies only see as some people standing in their way of profits.

An Advocate
For The Injured

Our most newsworthy cases are those on behalf of football players who suffered concussions and mishandling of their injures by the NFL. However, each and every case is important to Patrick Tighe. He has helped thousands of individuals obtain the recoveries they deserve. Leveraging his prior experience working the “other side,” Pat knows the strategies and tactics big insurers use to stall and hamper claims – and makes sure they don’t work. Few lawyers can bring this tangible experience to a case.

Giving Back
To The Community

An active member of his community, Pat helped start and fund the lacrosse program at Suncoast Community High School in Palm Beach County, Florida. A former lacrosse player at Villanova University, he also coached the Suncoast team. Whether in the courtroom of the playing field, his goal is simple: to be there for those who need his help.

Pat also sits on the executive board of CARP, a local drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility that provides food and clothing to homeless individuals. The organization helps people suffering from addiction get on their feet to live independently.

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