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In an Accident? Let X1 Law, P.A. Help You!

On Behalf of | Nov 28, 2013 | Firm News, News, Uncategorized

Since 2002 West Palm Beach personal injury attorney Patrick Tighe has had one focus: giving you the representation you deserve, and the money you’re entitled to, when insurance companies won’t. With an extensive background in the insurance industry, he’s able to bring a unique perspective to bat for you; giving you the edge on insurance adjuster tricks and making sure the insurance companies play fair.

Accidents happen when we least expect them, and change our lives in an instant. How can you be sure that you’re getting what you’re entitled to from the insurance companies? Where do you even begin? Let us help you. At X1Law, we specialize in making sure that our clients get what they deserve in an accident settlement. As a former insurance adjuster, our principle personal injury attorney Patrick Tighe knows how the insurance industry works, and knows how to make sure you get the property compensation you deserve. For nearly a decade, he’s been fighting for the rights of Palm Beach County’s most vulnerable citizens, standing up to and going after the big insurance companies to ensure that they hold up their end of the bargain. At X1Law, we tell you what the insurance company doesn’t want you to know. We’ve seen, all too often, claims delayed or denied, premiums raised, justice robbed and public trust betrayed in our clients’ most vulnerable hours. We think that that isn’t right, and so here at X1 Law we fight tooth and nail against big business for you.

With over a decade in the insurance industry under his belt, Attorney Patrick Tighe has seen how the insurance companies work, he knows what they don’t want you to know and how they trick clients into settling for less than the fair value of their claims. Now, he’s putting that knowledge in your hands, and fighting to make sure you get what you deserve for your injuries. Whether in an accident, property damage or medical malpractice, our personal injury attorneys have established a reputation for doing one thing: taking on the insurance companies and beating them at their own game. So why take a chance with the other guys? When your money and peace of mind are on the line, you need someone you can trust. Someone who’s been there, done that and has the proven record to back it up. A trusted name in Palm Beach County for over a decade. Don’t delay your compensation a moment longer. Call X1 Law now, and start your journey on the road to recovery.