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Take appropriate action if an accident occurs

On Behalf of | Dec 30, 2013 | Firm News

Accidents are a part of life that we all encounter at some point in time. Some accidents occur in the workplace, others on the roadways, while others may happen at a retail center. They can happen to anyone anywhere, which is why it is so important that all people understand what they should do when an accident occurs.

The steps you take and the choices you make right after an accident could impact your ability to make a claim for compensation. The following steps should be followed when you are involved in any type of accident.

Report the Event: Make sure that you file an accident report immediately. If it is at work, notify management, if it is outside of work, notify the police.

Seek Medical Care At The Time Of The Event: You will need to be examined right away, even if your injuries seem minor at the time. Make sure that you give the doctor a complete run down of everything that you are experiencing at the time. Every detail is important and should be examined by the doctor.

Notify Your Insurance Carrier: You need to notify your insurance carrier right away so that your claim can get started. However it is advisable to consult with a personal injury attorney before providing any written statements.

Preserve Evidence: Take pictures and gather as much evidence as possible after the event. Take notes on everything that you remember, including things like weather conditions and what you remember about the area in which the accident occurred.

Return To Work If Possible: Unless otherwise instructed by your doctor, return to work as scheduled and try to complete your duties. If you experience any difficulties, make sure that you document them so that you can provide the information to your doctor and attorney.

Keep Records: Make sure that you document everything after your accident occurs. Keep track of your mileage for doctor visits, anything you spend for over-the-counter remedies to treat the injuries, and any time that you miss from work.

Contact An Attorney: You will want to contact a personal injury attorney that specializes in your type of injury. Your attorney will be able to review all the facts of your case and inform you what rights you have under the law.

Following these steps can help you to effectively make a compensation claim for your injuries, regardless of accident type.