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Devastating consequences of airboat collisions

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2022 | Air Boat Accidents

A recent airboat collision left several injured and many shaken in Broward County. While still under investigation, witnesses reported that the two-vehicle airboat collision was the result of one airboat striking the other in a T-bone or side-impact collision. There were numerous serious injuries and, fortunately, no fatalities.

While recreational boating collisions share many similarities with land-based crashes, airboat consequences include the possibility for drowning. An individual on an airboat who is knocked unconscious and falls into the water could slide beneath the surface suffering brain damage due to lack of oxygen or, ultimately, death. Even a boater wearing a life vest could be struck by another boat rushing in to provide aid.

What can cause an airboat collision?

Even though collisions often result from a unique combination of factors, certain factors tend to be common, including:

  • Impaired driving: Whether it is a vacation destination or simply time spent away from work, Florida’s waterways represent a time of joy and fun. Unfortunately, many people choose to partake in drugs, alcohol or other substances that could dramatically impact perceptions and reaction time. Piloting an airboat while under the influence of drugs, alcohol or powerful medication can result in catastrophic collision.
  • Fatigued driving: Like the first point, vacationers might get on a boat to fish or sight-see while operating on a sub-standard level of sleep. Drowsy boating or falling asleep at the wheel can result in devastating collisions with catastrophic injuries.
  • Reckless boating: This could mean failing to follow speed restrictions, moving too close to other boaters or distracted boating. Undertaking unsafe or reckless behaviors while on the water can quickly lead to severe consequences.

Boating accidents, unfortunately, are commonplace throughout various regions in Florida. From oceans, rivers and lakes to purely recreational waterways, it is not uncommon to see crowds of vacationers, locals and sightseers sharing the same space. Regrettably, these waterways can quickly become a deadly environment for drivers, passengers, swimmers and bystanders alike.