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4 ways Florida weather contributes to your crash risk

On Behalf of | Aug 19, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

The climate in Florida is part of what makes the state so attractive to retirees. The overall warmth and humidity can be beneficial for older adults who feel cold frequently or who have medical issues exacerbated by dry weather. The rain, sunshine and heat that people associate with Florida also allow such a lush landscape to develop.

Unfortunately, while you may appreciate the impact of the Florida climate on the local vegetation during your daily commute, that will also be a time when the Florida weather puts you at risk. How does wet Florida weather contribute to your overall collision risks?

You can hydroplane during a downpour

During times of heavy rain, water will accumulate in the street. Any amount of water on the road can make surfaces slippery, but standing water can lead to hydroplaning. When the vehicle’s tires lose traction, the driver may completely lose control of the vehicle, resulting in a crash.

Heavy rain can affect visibility

When the rain comes down in sheets, drivers may only be able to see a few feet in front of their vehicles. Especially when such storms occur during the daytime and people do not turn on their headlights, drivers may have a hard time spotting each other during torrential downpours.

Drivers take new routes, which can increase crash risk

When the weather is terrible, someone might avoid the highway during their daily commute because they want lower traffic density. They might take an alternate route because they know that one of the streets they usually follow tends to flood. Unfortunately, while choosing a dryer or slower route might be safer overall, drivers can easily make mistakes on unfamiliar roads. Especially if they use GPS to navigate, they could be at elevated risk of a crash caused by distraction.

Drivers don’t adjust their habits at all

It is quite risky for people to drive through a severe thunderstorm acting like it’s a normal Tuesday afternoon. If they don’t slow down and increase the distance they maintain between themselves and others, they could cause a crash that hurts them or others. Too many drivers in Florida assume that they don’t need to change their driving habits in the rain because it rains so often.

Identifying and accounting for car crash risk factors on the Florida roads can help you reach your destination safely, even during times of inclement weather.