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The South Florida Personal Injury Lawyer You Need

You should not have to bear the financial costs associated with an accident or injury that was caused by another party’s negligent or wrongful conduct – whether the accident involves a car, a boat, a golf cart or something else.

X1Law, P.A., has fought for victims of personal injury in North Palm Beach for over 20 years. Attorney Patrick J. Tighe once worked for an insurance firm, so this makes him uniquely able to understand how insurance adjusters think. He can leverage that knowledge to better negotiate settlements – but he is also unafraid to litigate when necessary.

A North Palm Beach Car Accident Lawyer Who Understands

Car accidents are unfortunately common in North Palm Beach, and dealing with their aftermath can be complex. As an experienced North Palm Beach car accident lawyer, attorney Tighe knows what it takes to successfully navigate the insurance claims process.

The South Florida personal injury lawyer at X1Law, P.A., Patrick J. Tighe, is an active member of the community, often working closely with local organizations to improve safety standards and raise awareness about injury prevention.

Attorney Patrick’s deep roots in the community enhance his understanding of the area’s local legal nuances and reflect his commitment to helping injured residents seek justice.

A Boat Accident Lawyer You Can Trust

Boat accidents can lead to severe injuries and complicated legal battles – and maritime law is unique. Boat accident lawyer Patrick J. Tighe has the experience and skill to help victims understand their rights under maritime laws and obtain the compensation they deserve.

Florida Golf Cart Accidents Need Focused Attention

Florida golf cart accidents are more common – and more dangerous – than most people realize. From investigating the incident to understanding insurance policies and pursuing claims, attorney Tighe works dedicatedly to help ensure victims receive the support they need to recover, both physically and financially.

Call Today To Speak To A South Florida Personal Injury Lawyer

If you or a loved one has been injured in North Palm Beach, call X1Law, P.A., through 561-363-3947 or contact the firm online today for a free consultation.

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