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Protecting The Interests Of Injury Victims

An accident and subsequent personal injury mean stress and unexpected bills to pay. Most of the time, you or your loved one end up making important decisions pushed by highly skilled insurance representatives. You do not have to face the aftermath of your accident alone or make hasty decisions.

At X1Law, P.A., in North Palm Beach, attorney Patrick Tighe strives to protect the rights of victims injured due to other parties’ negligence or reckless actions. As an injury victim, you should obtain fair compensation not only to cover your medical bills but also to move forward, according to the circumstances of your case. Mr. Tighe will evaluate your case, explain in detail what you are entitled to and strive to protect your rights.

A Former Insurance Attorney To Fight For Your Best Interests

The professional background of Mr. Tighe includes defending the insurance companies he now fights to obtain fair compensation for his Florida personal injury clients. The legal services he provides at his X1Law, P.A., encompass the following:

  • Motor vehicle accidents, including legal representation of victims injured due to the reckless actions of a drunk driver.
  • Premises liability cases involving negligent security at shopping centers or slip-and-fall accidents and dog bites, to mention a few.
  • Medical malpractice cases, addressing complex and highly technical cases ranging from pediatrics to emergency medicine.
  • Injuries caused by wrongfully labeled products, or which include design or manufacturing defects.

Consulting an attorney after an accident can make a favorable difference in the amount of your compensation. Let Mr. Tighe advocate for your best interests.

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