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South Florida Boating Accident Attorney

Florida is well known for its gorgeous scenery for boaters. Boating, though, can come with severe repercussions for unlucky drivers, passengers and bystanders. The injuries that result from a boating accident can permanently alter your life and leave you facing expensive medical bills.

Our attorney, Patrick Tighe, has handled hundreds of accident cases involving boats of all varieties. At our Palm Beach-based law firm, X1Law, P.A., he represents the survivors of boating accidents as well as people who lost a loved one in a boating accident. You can rely on him to advocate for you after such incidents.

What Are Some Examples of Florida Boating Accidents?

With a broad range of experience, Mr. Tighe knows how to approach your case for the best chance of receiving maximum compensation. In most cases, he uses his considerable negotiation skills to recover a fair settlement. If your injury claim necessitates a trial, he draws from his litigation background to represent you tenaciously in court.

What Victims Should Know About Airboat Accidents

Airboats have become a popular method of travel in South Florida, particularly in the Everglades. Accidents involving commercial airboats are much more complex than those involving private boats. Your claim may have issues of third-party liability from the boating company, the boat manufacturer or the parts manufacturer. Whether you were injured on a private or a commercial airboat, you should consult an attorney immediately to ensure that you can recover compensation before the state’s four-year statute of limitations is up.

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