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The Ongoing Tragedy Of Brightline Train Accidents In Florida

Since the Brightline high-speed trains have begun operating in South Florida, dozens of people have been killed in train-related accidents. According to the Federal Railroad Association, Brightline has the highest fatality rates per mile of any train company in the country.

Collisions with cars and pedestrians can lead to tragic deaths. For survivors, or surviving family members, getting compensation can be an uphill battle. You deserve to hold the company accountable.

Strong And Effective Representation For Train Accident Victims

Attorney Patrick Tighe at X1Law, P.A., can help you secure justice. With a background in insurance defense, he understands how entities like Brightline as well as municipalities and their insurance providers approach injury claims. He can use that knowledge to your advantage. He draws on 20-plus years of personal injury experience to serve as the strong and effective advocate for underdogs.

How Brightline Accidents Happen

Brightline trains travel up to 80 miles per hour. At full speed, it can take them a full quarter-mile to come to a complete stop. That means they are often unable to avoid collisions with cars or pedestrians on the tracks. Those collisions are often fatal.

In many cases, negligence contributes to these accidents. Vehicle crossings frequently lack adequate safety measures to keep drivers and pedestrians safe.

Accidents can also happen onboard the train itself. Slips, trips and falls can cause serious injuries, resulting in a premises liability claim.

No matter the circumstances, lawyer Patrick Tighe can help you pursue accountability from any and all parties whose negligence contributed to the accident.

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To learn more about whether you have a personal injury claim following a Brightline accident or injury, reach out to X1Law, P.A., through the website or by phone at 561-363-3947. The firm is conveniently based in North Palm Beach.