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Compassionate Legal Counsel In Wrongful Death Cases

When a loved one is unexpectedly killed, one of the last things that the survivors may be thinking about is retaining a wrongful death lawyer. This is completely understandable. However, it may be extremely important to seek the guidance of an experienced attorney right away. On top of the entire emotional trauma, the surviving family may also have financial difficulties once the financial support of that deceased is gone. This financial hardship is one of the reasons that a wrongful death lawsuit may be right for you, and attorney Patrick Tighe is ready to help at X1Law, P.A., in North Palm Beach.

What Is Wrongful Death And Why Should I Consider Filing A Claim?

So we have all heard of the term wrongful death, but what does it exactly mean? A wrongful death claim is a civil action brought about by the surviving family members of someone killed by a negligent person or by the misconduct of someone else. With that being said, only a handful of people can actually file a wrongful death lawsuit. The Florida Wrongful Death Act reads that survivors of the deceased are able to seek compensation in the event that they have lost support or some other service as soon as their loved one died.

As defined in the Act, the survivors are listed as a spouse, a child, a parent, along with any relative that was providing some type of support, either financial or emotional. It is important to understand that there is a time limit to file a wrongful death lawsuit in Florida, and failure to file within this time will result in the dismissal of a case.

How Do You Determine Whether Their Are Grounds For A Wrongful Death Case?

There are certain elements to meet for a wrongful death case to proceed. Generally, these cases will involve negligence, recklessness or some type of deliberate poor action that resulted in your loved ones’ death. When someone acts negligently, it means that they failed to act in a manner that a reasonable person would have under the same or similar circumstances. A clear example is drunk driving accidents.

Proving Your Case

In order for your lawyer to win your case, they will have to prove that a wrongful death occurred and will have to show that the individual who caused the accident had some type of duty to care for the person who died. While they had this duty, their action or lack thereof was not up to a reasonable standard of care, and that these actions are the direct cause of death.

When you discuss your case at X1Law, P.A., Mr. Tighe will analyze all the evidence, facts and circumstances of your case and give an honest opinion of the accident and your situation. He will also discuss your options to further empower your decision-making. The goal is to recover the compensation you need to help you move forward and seek justice.

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