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About Patrick Tighe’s North Palm Beach Personal Injury Law Firm

What separates a personal injury law firm from others? Is it experience? Integrity? Commitment? Accessibility to your attorney? At X1Law, P.A., founded by attorney Patrick J. Tighe, it is all of the above.

As a North Palm Beach personal injury attorney, Pat is devoted to exclusively fighting for the rights of the injured in Florida. He believes that personal attention, putting the client first, and doing so with unwavering integrity is the only way to achieve true success. Compassion and dedication to fighting for what’s right for his clients are the cornerstones of X1Law, P.A.. These tenets have enabled him to truly make a difference and improve the quality of his clients’ lives. He is immensely proud of the victories we have won for our clients in the past, and the ability to make a difference for injury victims.

A Car Accident Lawyer With Rare Skills In Injury Claims

At X1Law, P.A., attorney Patrick Tighe brings a rare perspective, unlike many other car accident attorneys. He is a former insurance claim adjustor who repeatedly saw corporations deny claims and people not being compensated for serious injuries. He has a deep understanding of the complexities of personal injury cases and knows how to deal with the powerful interests of the insurance industry. Simply put, he fights for injury victims.

Here you can learn more about the background, skills and qualifications of personal injury attorney: Patrick J. Tighe.

Call Pat To Learn More Through A Free Consult

Pat looks forward to the honor of serving you and your family in your time of need. Contact X1Law, P.A. to learn more about how he can help with your personal injury claim – he works on all types of car and truck accidents, premises liability such as slip and fall and wrongful death cases. Call 561-363-3947 or send an email. He represents people throughout the West Palm Beach area and South Florida.

How Does The Personal Injury Claim Process Work In Florida?

It is important to remember that in nearly all situations involving automobile collisions, negligent security and premises liability, the defendant named in the lawsuit is not the party who is responsible for paying you the compensation you rightfully deserve based on the jury verdict or settlement agreement. The named defendant is rarely even consulted in these matters, and the insurance company has stepped into their shoes.

The problem for injury victims is that the insurance company cares primarily about holding onto its money. The insurance company will pay you the least amount of compensation possible as late as possible, despite your needs and the fact that they have been collecting premium payments from their insured, the named defendant, in preparation for this situation.

Understanding Who’s Who In A Personal Injury Trial

Defense attorneys: These are the lawyers hired by the insurance company to stand at the defense table with the defendant whom the insurance company failed to protect from being sued. These attorneys will be at the table opposite to the plaintiffs and will be directed by the insurance company and not the named defendant.

Plaintiff attorneys: Lawyers hired by the injury victims or their families. They are dedicated to helping individuals who have been harmed seek compensation and justice through the civil legal system. They work tirelessly to achieve the best possible outcomes for their clients and play a vital role in upholding the principles of justice and accountability in society.

Judge: The judge will be in robes and will preside over the proceedings from the elevated bench in the front of the Courtroom.

Jury: The Jury will be comprised of fellow citizens from your area. The jury will be in the jury box and will be performing their civic duty by attending the trial, listening to all the evidence, and ultimately deciding the case for the plaintiff or defendant. Plaintiff attorneys will ask all of the potential jurors, known as the jury pool, a series of questions designed to select only the jurors that will be most favorable to your case.

Insurance adjuster: This person is the “true” client of the defense attorney. The insurance adjuster will sit in the galley of the courtroom behind the defense attorney’s table. They will be there every day and will be seen consulting with the defense attorney but they will not be introduced to the jury. They are in control of the money that the insurance company will offer to settle a case or in charge of reporting back to the company what the verdict was. The insurance adjuster will not be seen consulting with the named defendant because the insurance company has set up a system that does not require any input from the named defendant. In this system, the named defendant is just a puppet on the string of the defense attorneys and the insurance adjuster.

Get An Attorney Who Truly Cares On Your Side

Attorney Patrick Tighe at X1Law, P.A. adds a personal touch that you don’t get from most larger firms. He believes that when you call your attorney, someone who knows you and the details of your case should be at the other end of the line picking up. No client should be left wondering about the status of their case or whether they’ll get answers to their questions.

To get started with a free consultation with Pat, call 561-363-3947 or send him an email.