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What To Do After A Personal Watercraft Injury

If you have been involved in an accident in a Florida Jet Ski, Sea-Doo, or WaveRunner, you may be struggling with serious injuries. Personal watercraft accidents sometimes result in head injuries, blunt force injuries and other types of physical trauma.

Common causes of personal watercraft accidents in Florida include inexperienced users, inebriation, speeding, collisions with moving or solid, immovable objects, and environmental factors such as choppy waters.

As with boating accidents and motor vehicle accidents, you can seek compensation if you have been injured in a personal watercraft accident due to someone else’s negligence. To discover whose negligence may have caused your accidental injuries, work with a knowledgeable personal injury attorney. Call 561-363-3947 or send an email inquiry now.

Determining Negligence After A Personal Watercraft Crash

A personal injury attorney can help you pursue compensation after a watercraft injury. A thorough review of all evidence may reveal that the negligent party in a personal watercraft accident was one or more of the following:

  • A personal watercraft rental facility
  • A boater or the operator of another watercraft
  • A watercraft inspection or repair technician or their employer
  • A manufacturer that allowed for the production and sale of defective personal watercraft
  • A bar or restaurant where someone who was visibly inebriated was served alcoholic beverages before they operated another personal watercraft and caused an accident

Among the evidence that attorney Tighe will review in an investigation of your accident is the following:

  • Who was operating the personal watercraft that collided with yours? Florida’s laws allow 14-year-olds to operate them and 18-year-olds to rent them.
  • Was the rental facility properly run when you and/or the other watercraft operator rented a Jet Ski or another brand of watercraft there?
  • Was anyone involved in the accident under the influence of alcohol?

Once attorney Tighe has discovered what happened and who was responsible, he will work with you to prepare an injury claim. He may then present legal documents on your behalf in settlement negotiations, mediation sessions or a trial.

Talk With An Attorney About Compensation And More

If your personal watercraft accident claim is successful, you may recover compensation for medical bills, lost wage replacement, and pain and suffering. Attorney Tighe will help ensure that your losses are properly calculated.

To schedule a free consultation about your or your loved one’s personal watercraft accident and resulting injuries, call X1Law, P.A. or send an email inquiry.