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Get Legal Counsel After A Swimming Pool Accident In South Florida

Many people think of drownings when they hear the term “swimming pool accidents.” However, other injuries resulting from swimming pool accidents include slip-and-fall injuries as well as submersion or near-drowning incidents. People who survive near-drownings often have brain injuries that affect them for years.

At X1Law, P.A. in North Palm Beach, you can request a free case review by experienced personal injury attorney Patrick Tighe. He can help determine whether you have an injury claim after your swimming pool accident. He will look for evidence of these factors: injury and negligence. Your case may fall under the legal category of premises liability when the swimming pool owner or management personnel are held responsible.

Examples Of Causes And Effects

Causes of swimming pool accidents often involve carelessness, maintenance lapses and poor supervision. Signs around swimming pools may spell out safety rules and clarify that lifeguards are not present, but these signs do not necessarily let the swimming pool owners and managers off the hook.

Other types of swimming pool accidents have a great variety of causes. A cut caused by a broken bottle beside a swimming pool could be a result of inadequate upkeep of the surroundings.

Some swimming pool accidents have been called freak accidents although poor design and engineering made them possible. For example, some unfortunate children have suffered injuries to their internal organs when they sat on suction intake valves under the water.

Quite a few swimming pool patrons have suffered from Recreational Water Illness (RWI) and ingesting germs and chemicals.

Injuries caused by altercations in a public pool may also be called swimming pool accidents since patrons of a swimming pool make up the crowd. Swimming pool managers are responsible for the surveillance that patrons should be able to count on.

Get A Premises Liability Attorney On Your Side In North Palm Beach

Determining who should compensate you for medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering is essential for a successful case outcome. A review of all the facts is essential when your personal injury lawyer investigates elements of negligence in your case. Attorney Tighe may interview eyewitnesses, study the scene of the accident and examine video surveillance footage.

Immediately after a swimming pool accident, get the best available medical care and at the same time, get an attorney to start an accident reconstruction investigation. Turn to X1Law, P.A. with confidence. Under the direction of attorney Patrick Tighe in North Palm Beach, your case evaluation will be thorough and legal analysis will be in-depth. To get started, call 561-363-3947 or send an email inquiry. Representing people throughout the West Palm Beach area and South Florida.